Singa Service

Consultation service

Recommending the best solutions or proposals for enterprises by market and policy studding, researching, analyzing and forecasting. Effectively helping enterprises solve the problems of platform targeting, product design, brand design and marketing issues during their development process.

Technical service

Developing and testing program according to the needs of enterprise customers, including system settings, module management, site management, system management, news content management, authentication management, financial management, loan management, forum management and so on.

Design service

Developing design scheme by professional design team, providing brand design, identity design web site style design and so on to help companies grasp the right brand image, and to encourage consumers to correctly and quickly enhance the corporate image and identity awareness.

Operations service

Providing platform operation and maintenance service by experienced operations team, including data maintenance, system maintenance, system updates, upgrades and other system services, advertising design, promotional design, journalism WeChat microblog extension services and hospitality, advice, complaints, coordination and other customer services.