At present, China is in the stage of economic reform, there will always come up financial innovative services which are enough to change people’s habits, and now is the new era of Internet financial power, which will rapidly develop in the foreseeable future. Two years ago, as China’s Internet Financial industry explosive growth, Internet finance in our country is still showing a rapid development momentum in 2016.It has caused great concern in the people community, business community, investment community as well as all levels of government regulatory agencies not only for the scale but also for the impact to traditional financial industry and remodeling aspects. Ensuing is the more and more chaos of the industry, institutional internal control mechanism is not perfect, the risk control technology and information technology are lacking in experience, and there are problems in identity recognition and transaction record keeping and other aspects.

Because the concept of “Internet Finance” appears not long time ago, the Internet finance lacks corresponding finance management strategies, the industry’s self-regulatory and other issues and many other issues remain important development trend of the Internet finance problems. As the policy improves continuously, the Internet finance companies with strong risk control ability, strong cost control ability and more financial strength will continue to survive, the industry is shuffing the cards.

Singa gradually form a “four localized” strategic direction by own advantages, continuous technological innovation and service upgrades, also has gradually formed own unique competitive advantages in sector service areas to achieve national distribution forward and plan to become excellent across region, the Group’s Internet finance business in the next five years.

Internet finance influence and change people’s life all the time in every aspect. In the year of 2016, what trend will Internet finance follow?