Development Strategy

Singa takes Shanghai headquarters as the center of technology service and operations management and takes the subsidiaries around as the local government and investors personal services. Taking the district level local government as the basis of cooperation, the national project and public project finance funding as the service targets, the State-owned company as clients, the State-owned guarantee corporation as partners, the local government as regulatory agencies, the localized banking customers as investors to achieve the strategic objectives of centralized serving and localized operating. In addition to providing services for itself, Shanghai headquarters also provides systematic platform hosting technology upgrade, operations management, management consulting, data analysis and other services for financial institutions with independent platform services.

Singa has gradually formed a core competitive advantage with borrower localization, guarantee institutions localization, investors localization, personal service localization, and gradually strengthen financial assets certification, custody, trading platform, intelligence, big data, forming our own unique competitive advantage.

In the future, Singa will provide customers Internet financial services through continuous technological innovation and service upgrades. Developing into a national financial network platform based on the strategic plan that Shanghai headquarters is service and technology center and branch offices around provides personal services. As the national policies that remain open to private capital and the comprehensive, further progress of financial reform comprehensive pilot, Singa makes full efforts to realize the layout of the country and develop ahead, and plan to become excellent group of Internet financial enterprise across the region.