I’m here with Singa,

Why I chose Singa?

Because I dare to challenge, pursue excellence in my mind, I enjoy the process of working in this team full of youthful vigor, pioneering and innovation.

I work for Time progress and personal development at Singa;

I can understand forefront ideas and technologies at Singa;

I have the free space to play at Singa;

I grow and develop together with Singa;

If you have mastered skills in design, marketing, finance, personnel, administration as well as a serious and responsible attitude and are looking for opportunities, willing to accept change, please join us!

Graphic Design

1. The design and production of web pages.

2. Advertising, packaging, brochures and other enterprises logo design and production.

3. The other related graphic design duties.


1. Art, design and other related professional degree or above;

2. Engaged in graphic design work for more than one year, web design, and website design relevant work experience is preferred.

3. Skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere and other professional design software.

4. High design production capacity, advanced art and design foundation, strong comprehension ability and creativity.

5. Understand in user interface design (UI) is preferred.6. Cheerful, active thinking, good communication, a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Art Consultant


1. Planning, construction and landscaping of art e-commerce site.

2. Daily operation and management of art e-commerce site.

3. VIP customer service for artists and buyers.

4. Other related work about art e-commerce site.


1. Art, design, advertising and other related bachelor degree or above.

2. High painting appreciation ability, good knowledge of art and art background is preferred.

3. Ones familiar with the Internee-commerce industry is preferred.

4. Strong language skills, writing skills, organization and coordination capacity.

5. Cheerful, outgoing with good artistic temperament, determined in fine arts and industry growth.

6. Outstanding graduating students or interns are also in consideration.

PHP Development Project Engineer


1. Complete the site program writing.

2. Project needs analysis, system analysis, and architecture design of PHP website development.

3. Leading the team to complete the development and testing of projects, solve major technical problems.

4. Coordinate and guarantee the project implementation.



1. Computer technology, software engineering bachelor degree or above.

2. With PHP software development experience for more than 3 years, project management experience for more than 2 years.

3. Strong object-oriented systems analysis, system design skills and experience.

4. Smarty project developers have priority.

5. Third-party payment interface developers have priority.

6. Strong capability in architectural design communication and technical guidance.