Internet Financial Platform

PPG(Private to Public to Government)mode provides the Government with 1-12 months very short-term financing bonds.Platform service model is national public projects and state-owned company with all state-owned guarantee and government regulation.Providing Internet financing service for investors(businesses,financial institutions and individuals) with extra capital and local public construction projects with short-term financing needs.Take a look at classic case of”Inner Mongolia Loan Internet financial information service platform.“

P2B(Person-to-Business)and P2P(Person to Person ) refer to the individual(non-financial institutions)-business or individual Internet financing service platform mode, gathering small amounts of money and lending it to business or individuals with financial needs. Platform cooperates with quality guarantee agencies to review the borrower information and the validity of the pledge and then guarantee agencies provide the full amount of principal and interest guarantee. At the same time takes third-party payment institutions capital hosting mode to avoid capital pool. Take a look at the classic case of Chinahuidai Internet financial information service platform.”

Art trading platform

Art trading platform is for art lovers and collectors to buy their favorite works directly from artists, so the trading could happen at anytime, anywhere, improving the efficiency of trading activities. The essence is to conduct art trade negotiations using the Internet flexibility and efficiency so as to share resources between the network infrastructure, payment platform, security platform, management platform, carry out the business activities efficiently and cost-effectively. Take a look at the classic case of “artp2p original art paintings Internet trading platform.”

O2O E-commerce

O2O(Online to offline)mode brings online consumers to real store: they pay for offline goods or reserve goods online, and then enjoy it offline. It informs Internet users of the offline stores news by discounts, providing information, services and so on, which could convert them to customers under their own line. Singa has been dedicated to the exploration and thinking of O2O mode, from architecture design, requirements analysis, design planning, program development to the operation of services for many years, has learnt development experience and lessons.