Platform Overview

Who Are We

We are platform operators focused on the original art Internet self-service trading.

What We Do

We provide artists a zero-cost display and trading self-service platform;
We create a media for art institutions to trading artworks and derivative products.
We provide platform artistic resources docking and data services for government and enterprise;
We provide the most professional art tools and artwork supporting services for artists and art lovers.

Our Purpose

Set art into life

Our Philosophy

Share Arts free and trading equally

Our Goal

Our goal is to become a cross-international, multi-language Internet original art self-service platform with most size and influence;

With the largest number of artists, the most service categories, the most cooperation agencies, the most comprehensive work data;

To get more artists involves in the creation;

To allow more artists to show and trade works;

To let more consumers participate in the art trade;

To provide more artistic resources and advisory services to art institutions, governments and enterprises;

To drive more countries and people to participate in art deals and activities.

Our Features

Free Showcase

Artists self-upload original works for display and the platform doesn’t charge any fees

Independent Pricing

Artists independently pricing their original works.

Self-trading Works

Artists self-select art services such as trading, leasing and other customized services.

Self-Copyright Trading

Artist and art institutions self-select Artworks copyright trading.

Our Services

Artworks Trading

Artworks Leasing

Artworks Customising

Digital Arts

Artist Data Center

Advertising Rental

Our Current Status

Artworks Status

Right now there are 5234 artworks, covering painting, Chinese painting, watercolor, gouache, color, sketches, comic illustration, printmaking, lacquer painting, comic books, comprehensive materials, devices, calligraphy, photography, carving, sculpture and so on.

Artists Status

Right now there are 630 artists signed up, concentrated in the age of 20-60 years old, more than 60 percent are from famous art schools in Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangxi, Tianjin, Hubei, Sichuan, Beijing and other places.

Signed Galleries

We have partnered With SANWEI ART CENTER, HUSHEN TANG, YANG International Art Center, XIANGJIANG Gallery, HUAXIA Murals Academy and other art institutions and galleries, signed hundred artists.

Enterprise Cooperation

A.Huge Property

B.Fudan-Zhangjiang shares

C.Architechtural Design of Tongji University, the city cultural protection center.